Black Tent documentary screening

This event has already taken place

Exploring the stories of various nomadic tribes, Black Tent is a film about the search for the last desert tents made by the Yoruk nomads in Western Turkey.

Found in the Middle East, Northern Africa and Tibet, the black tent is rain-impermeable, windstorm-resistant, and suited to varying temperatures, the fabric is still unmatched in its qualities. But this traditional architectural style might soon vanish.

An Austrian film crew embarked on a journey to document a group of nomadic tent builders to follow their traditional making processes from the goat farms to the hidden mountain villages of the weavers. It will be 30 years before a black tent is built again. This film captures the making process for the first, and possibly last, time.

This special screening is made possible thanks to the filmmakers who have also supplied a textile sample of the Black Tent that will be available at the event. To learn more about the story, please visit the official website:

The film will be screened as a public programme for the exhibition Nomads.