Outdoor Artworks

On permanent display
in the Dowse Square

In addition to all of the artworks and exhibitions inside the museum, the Dowse Square and the area around the building is home to a number of public artworks that showcase the talents of local, and international artists.

Ronnie van Hout's Fallen Robot
"The Hutt was once a rich garden that was displaced by industry. The gardener became the factory worker. The original concept of the robot came from the factory worker." ——Ronnie van Hout

AnnMarie van Splunter's Play Modules
Play Modules offer a multitude of ways for you to interact with them—sitting, lying, sliding, reading a book.

John Reynolds' Tree Rooms
Tree rooms are rooms made from trees, living sculptures that you can sit inside. Artist John Reynolds has described his planting as "the slowest artworks in New Zealand" with a 50 year life span until they reach full size.

Paul Dibble's Swimmers in Space
Like the title suggests, these swimmers are bathing not in the sea, but suspended above ground as though they are flying.

Simon Morris' Rainscreen
The perforated aluminium screens on the façade of The Dowse are an artwork by Wellington artist Simon Morris.